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The Aegina Pistachio

While pistachios are found around the world, the variety found in
Aegina, called koilarati, are rare, and exceptionally delicious. The trees thrive on the island, as their fruits, which contain the pistachio nut, ripen under the heat of the Greek sun.

Epaminondas Arghyrakis

With over twenty years experience growing, harvesting and roasting Aegina pistachios, I created Happy Pistachio with the purpose of bottling the green gold of Greece for the world to enjoy, in a way that's loved by you, the planet, and its people.

Aegina: The Heart of the Saronic Gulf

Compared with other regions around the world, Aegina has perfect temperature, climate, and soil conditions for growing pistachios. The driest island in the Saronic Gulf, the island has hot summers, mild winters, and a relatively low elevation.

Climate Positive Pistachio

Join our mission to make healthy snack consumption more sustainable. We aim to tackle this problem by planting one tree for every pack of pistachios sold!

  • The Perfect Superfood

    Greek pistachios are an amazing snack! Low in calories, vegan friendly, and bursting with vitamins & proteins.

  • World's Finest Pistachio

    Aegina pistachios, known as the "green gold" of Greece, are renowned for their superior taste and quality.

  • Organic Nuts

    At Happy Pistachio we believe natural tastes best. That's why we don't use any pesticides or chemicals, making our pistachios certified organic.

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